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Medium term finance to fund a specific project.


Used by companies with reasonably high growth prospects.


The loan isn‘t necessarily secured on the assets of the company.



The benefits of a Business Loan to your business are...

  • Improve your companies cash flow.

  • Provides the funding to move your business to the next strategic level.

  • Funds can be acquired in a matter of days.

  • An increased line of credit that can be used to drive change, such as an MBO, acquisition or turnaround.

  • Fixed, affordable monthly repayments.

  • Replace a lender who is unsupportive of your business vision.

  • Can help you to achieve your exit strategy.

A solution we've provided using a Business Loan...

"We arranged a term loan of £375,000 for a telecoms business that needed to raise additional funds to pay a corporation tax bill following a record year." 

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