A flexible route to funding the purchase of new assets.

Cash Flow...

Spread the purchase over the asset's economic life.

More Finance... 

Access to up to 100% of the value of your asset.

The benefits of Asset Finance to your business are...

  • Maximise the line of credit available from your Plant & Machinery.

  • Pay for the asset over its useful life.

  • Purchase assets without impacting exisiting working capital.

  • An increased line of credit that can be used to drive change, such as an MBO, acquisition or turnaround.

  • Ensure tax efficiency.

  • Improve cash flow, fund product development or support business expansion.

  • Replace a lender who is unsupportive of your business vision.



A solution we've provided using Asset Finance...

"Using the existing plant and machinery we were able to unlock £500,000  to part fund an MBO. Three years later, working alongside the corporate advisors to the business, we were also able to re-finance the same assets to pay deferred consideration."